I'm exhasted and irritating so much. But I don't know where such feelings come from. I'm tired, fed up, and didgusted. I can't forcus today. So, I can't write blog enough. I'm sorry about that. I feel something annoying me. I don't understand what make me annoying. Sometimes I feel suicidal tendency. But I don't do that thing. I know I can't die by myself. It's difficult and I have no authority about that. Sometimes I feel like screwing everything and everyone. Don't care. I'm chicken. So I can do nothing.

【中古】 正しいFUCKの使い方 学校では教えてくれない、取扱注意のFuck、Shit、Damn、Hellを使った99のフレーズ/英語表現研究会(著者),MADSAKI,NAIJEL・GRAPH 【中古】afb
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