I think sometimes I should use English or my English skill will be down so, I have to use English. Anyway I’m stomachach but it’s must be fart so it’s noncens to go to wash room coz I will jast fart and I think it’s so stink I guess. wait. What am I talking about? It’s toilet humor. My porpose writting blog in English is improving English skill. Change to English brain. But I have no idea literally so I’m always bothering when I try to write blog coz running out of idea. My idea has also limit. I’m human not machine. That’s why I write this blog write in English and then this grammor is so immature. I was supposed to fluent English speaker. Damn it!

英語日記BOY 海外で夢を叶える英語勉強法 [ 新井リオ ]
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